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Guest Post on Stephen King Store

If you would like a guest post on Stephen King Store, then we’d love to hear from you.

Stephen King Store is growing in popularity and we have already achieved top ranking on Google for a number of competitive Stephen King keywords and key phrases. We’d now like to open up Stephen King Store for guest posts from Stephen King fans, writers, and lovers of horror and fantasy writing.

If you have anything that you would like to write about or promote that would be of interest to Stephen King fans, and you can write a 500 word guest post about it, then we want to hear from you.

Promote your book with a guest post on Stephen King Store

If you have written and published a book that you think Stephen King fans would love, then write us a 500 word or more description of that book and we will publish it on Stephen King Store for you.

It doesn’t have to be a horror novel to get a guest post on Stephen King Store. Stephen king has written science fiction books, thriller books, crime books, and books about writing too. 

If you are selling your book on Amazon, we will use our affiliate link to promote it. If you are not, don’t worry, we will still include a link to your sales page for you. What’s important is that we give our readers the opportunity of discovering a new author, and we give you the opportunity of marketing your book to an audience of avid readers.

Promote your blog with a guest post on Stephen King Store

If you have a Stephen King fan blog, a horror movie blog, a fantasy fiction blog, or any other blog or website that you think Stephen King readers would like, then write is a 500 word or more guest post and you will have a permanent link on Stephen King Store to your site.

You could write a personal review of a Stephen King novel, short story or film, you could write about your blog, or you could just write about why you love Stephen King’s work and what Stephen King literature means to you personally.

So long as your blog or website will be of potential interest to Stephen King fans and, of course it is not in direct competition with Stephen King Store, we would be happy to post your guest post on Stephen King Store and promote your site for you.

Promote your product with a guest post on Stephen King Store

If you have a Stephen king related product for sale, perhaps on Amazon, eBay or Etsy and you want to write a 500 word guest post for Stephen King Store, we will promote your product for you.

How you promote your product in a guest post is entirely up to you. You could use your 500 words to describe your product, or you could write a guest post that Stephen King fans might find entertaining and include a link or a small description of your product at the end of your guest post along with a link to your sales page.

If you sell your product on a platform that we have and affiliate account with we will use our affiliate link to promote your product. If not, it’s not a problem, we just want to promote good Stephen King related products to our readers.

Just do it for fun!

If you have something that you want to say about Stephen King, writing, or anything else that you think Stephen King fans would enjoy reading, then write about it in not less than 500 words and a guest post on Stephen King Store will be all yours!

If you get selected for publication, we would be happy for you to include a short bio about yourself and links to your social media accounts.

Don’t want to write it yourself?

Not everyone likes writing, so if you have a product, book, website or blog that Stephen King fans will be interested in, we can write a review or an article for you! Just tell us where we can find the info that you want in your guest post and we’ll do the rest.

How much does a guest post on Stephen King Store cost?

There is no advertising fee charged for a guest post on Stephen King Store, no cost per click, and we won’t charge a percentage of any of your goods that are sold via Stephen King store 

If you sell products or books and we have an affiliate account with the website that you sell them on, we will use and affiliate links to promote your products or books.

Other than that, all we ask is a small administration of $5 to go towards the time it takes to post and format a guest post on Stephen King Store.

Even if you want us to write the guest post for you, we will only ask for an additional fee of $10 dollars for us to put the words together for you. We think that’s pretty good for a permanent guest post with permanent backlinks on Stephen King Store!

How to book your guest post on Stephen King Store

To book your guest post on Stephen King Store, follow the link below and it will take you to our account on where you can place your order.

You will have to register with this site, but we promise you that your details will not be given to any third parties and we will not start spamming you.

We use SEOClerks, because it is a convenient way for us to manage the orders and it gives you the comfort of knowing that unless you are 100% satisfied with your guest post, you get your admin and writing fee back, no questions asked.

All you need to do is attach a word or text document of your guest post to your order along with any images that want included and we’ll do the rest. 

If you want us to write your guest post for you, simply select the relevant extra on the order form and tell us what you want to write.

The small print

Don’t worry, there’s nothing too scary in here; just a few things to note.

We reserve the right to refuse publication of any material provided for a guest post. If we do, all fees will be returned in full.

All guest posts must be written in English and not have been published elsewhere on the internet. Spun content and extremely poorly written content will not be accepted. The content must have some relevance to Stephen King fans. Definitely no porn, offensive material, gambling or pharmaceuticals please!

Good quality guest posts that are approved will usually be published within five days. Third party advertisements (Amazon) may be placed at the bottom of your guest post, but they will not be placed within the body of the text or before your own message or call to action.

Thanks for reading.

We hope to hear from you soon!