The Shining Movie Poster – Here’s Johnny!

“Little Pigs, little pigs, let me come in. Not by the hair on your chinny- chin chin? Then I'll huff... and I'll Puff.. and I'll blow your house in”

The Shining Movie Poster

Stanley Kubrick’s movie version of Stephen King’s the Shining may have differed quite significantly from the original novel, but it’s still one of the most well-known movie adaptations of Stephen King’s work that there is and the most famous scenes of all has to be the one depicted in this great “here’s Johnny” Stephen King poster.

This black and white poster print of Jack Nicholson in The Shining may not be what everyone wants to wake up seeing on their bedroom room wall every morning, but there is no denying that it is certainly is a striking image!

Sure, you can get more colourful The Shining movie posters and we’ve included some of them for you below, but sometimes simple is the best. Jack Nicholson’s brooding performance playing the part of the tormented Jack Torrance was just brilliant and probably what made the movie so famous.

Stephen King has said on many occasions that he hates The Shining movie, so perhaps we shouldn’t call it a Stephan King movie at all.  Nevertheless, the shining has become a cult classic and is often referred to as the “perfect scary movie”, because of the brilliant balance it has of shock, gore and suspense.

So, in honour of the great scene in the Shining movie when Jack Nicholson hacks his way through the door, we’ve chosen this Shining poster as our product pick of the week.

Just in case you haven’t a clue what we are talking about, or you just want to see it again, here is the “Here’s Johnny” scene from The Shining.

So, now you’ve seen the movie (or a bit of it) how about the Shining Movie poster to go with it? 

If you’d rather an original Shining Movie poster, a Shining carpet poster, a poster of the Shining twins, we’ve included a selection of other The Shining Posters for you below.

Stocks on the featured black and white Shining Poster seem to be running a bit low, so you might want to get your order in quick.

Jack Nicholson The Shining Poster 

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