Stephen King Bookmark – Great Gift Idea!

"Books are a uniquely portable magic"

Stephen King Bookmark, Stephen King Gift, Stephen King Merchandise, Stephen King StoreWhen you are looking for gift ideas for a Stephen King fan that has read all the Stephen King books, got the Stephen King T Shirt, and seen all the Stephen King movies; here’s a great Stephen King gift that’s just a little bit different.

This is a wonderful Stephen King bookmark that a Stephen King fan will treasure for years to come.

Made from responsibly harvested, sustainable wood, this beautiful Stephen king Bookmark is engraved with the wonderful words of the King of horror himself "Books are a uniquely portable magic".

This is truly a unique item of Stephen King merchandise. The unique wood grain on each one makes each bookmark a one of a kind and that ensures that every one of these bookmarks is slightly different.

A unique Stephen King gift like this is so much more special than a run of the mill mass produced one, so grab this wonderful wood Stephen King bookmark today whether it’s for you, or for a gift for a friend. 

We are always on the lookout for something a bit different to add to our Stephen King merchandise range and we think we have found something really special for you with this one. The quote on this beautiful bookmark is special too. How true it is that books are a “portable magic”!

This Stephen King bookmark is made from handpicked maple hardwood and the Stephen King quote is engraved on the wood bookmark using high quality laser engraving techniques. 

Order today from and your handmade bookmark will soon be marking your page!

Stephen King Bookmark

Stephen King Bookmark, Stephen King Gift, Stephen King Merchandise, Stephen King Store