The Complete Stephen King Universe

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So, you think you know all there is to know about Stephen King books?

If you are an avid reader of Stephen King books, you will no doubt have visited Castle Rock and Derry a few times and you may come across Randall Flagg more than once too, but if you want to learn more about what ties Stephen King books to one another and some of the secrets behind his novels, then The Complete Stephen King Universe is a book you need as a companion in your Stephen King book collection.

The Complete Stephen King Universe: A Guide to the Worlds of Stephen King is a book that examines, in depth, the works of Stephen King. It breaks down the stories, delves deeper into the characters, and it explores the common thread that binds many of the various Stephen King books together.

The book, which is written by Stanley Wiater, Christopher Golden, Hank Wagner, begins with a short introduction and mini-biography of Stephen King and then it gets swiftly into its fascinating analysis of Stephen King books, which includes plot summaries, character biographies, details of movie and TV adaptations, and other trivia.

Readers should be warned, though, if you read The Complete Stephen King Universe: A Guide to the Worlds of Stephen King, you are going to find spoilers, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The revised edition of The Complete Stephen King Universe covers Stephen King books up to March 2006, so it is a little bit out of date, but that certainly doesn’t detract from the book’s value and interest to a Stephen King Constant Reader.

The book is divided into eight sections, which are based broadly on the connections that exist between each Stephen King book.  

The first section of the book covers The Stand and the first seven books of the Dark Tower series, which readers of both will already have realised, are connected via Captain Trips and Randall Flagg. It also explains the slightly less obvious connection between these books and Eyes of the Dragon, The Talisman, and more. What you will find fascinating in this section is how, over the decades, a subtle thread has run through so many Stephen King books that you may have thought are completely unrelated.

The next three sections of the book look at the events that occurred in Jersusalem's Lot, Castle Rock, Derry and other small towns in Maine that Stephen King has visited in his books. In this section, you learn more about the history of the towns as well as the characters who live in them. The books that are covered in this section include The Dark Half, Salem’s Lot, Needful Things and many more. There are also two more sections in the book devoted to what the authors call the “Prime Reality”, which explain many connections between the various Stephen King novels that you have probably never noticed before.

There is also a section in the book on that looks at the books that Stephen King wrote under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman and a section on some of the other books that don’t quite fit as easily into the main sections of The Complete Stephen King Universe.

Long-time constant readers will know about some of the links between Stephen King books, but we are willing to bet there will be some surprises in The Complete Stephen King Universe: A Guide to the Worlds of Stephen King for most people. Did you know, for example, that there is a connection between Firestarter and Tommyknockers, or that there is a connection between The Regulators and Misery?

The Complete Stephen King Universe is a great companion book for Stephen King fans and it really does make a fascinating read. Our only criticism is that the book is not right up to date, but that will always be a problem for any book of this nature, so long as Stephen King keeps on producing new books, but that is a problem we hope to have for many years to come!