Stephen King’s It Movie Re-make Finally Underway

It’s been a long time coming, but the latest Stephen King news on a big screen movie remake of Stephen King’s It is that shooting has finally begun and there is even a provisional release date of September 8th 2017. The new version of the King classic will be split into two separate movies and is being directed by Andrés Muschietti, whose debut film was the supernatural horror Mama. The first movie will depict the Losers Club’s first encounter with Pennywise the clown and the second instalment will cover their second struggle with the shape shifting It, when they return to Derry as adults.

The remake of Stephen King’s It was first announced all the way back in 2009 and, at that time, the director was going to be Cary Fukunaga, but he quit the project after he had “artistic differences” with Warner Bros.  Apparently, he was trying to make an unconventional horror movie, but Warner Bros thought that his approach to the story might “offend” the studios’ usual horror movie audience. Fukunaga said that he was trying to create characters, which after all, is exactly what a Stephen King novel is all about, but Warner wanted the stereotypical shocks and frights of a standard horror movie

The cast of the new It remake is reported to be as follows:

Bill Skarsgård - Pennywise
Jaeden Lieberher  - Bill Denbrough 
Finn Wolfhard - Richie Tozier
Sophia Lillis - Beverly Marsh
Jack Dylan Grazer - Eddie Kaspbrak
Wyatt Oleff - Stan Uris
Chosen Jacobs - Mike Hanlon
Jeremy Ray Taylor - Ben Hanscom

Personally, I think the new cast have a pretty big act to follow as l thought that the original movie, which was made for TV and shown originally as a two-parter on ABC in 1990, was a pretty good adaptation of a huge and complex novel. You can’t ever cram all that happens in Stephen King’s It into a movie, but the original film did do an admirable job of trying. The other big problem that any remake of It will have is beating Tim Curry’s brilliant performance as Pennywise.

Any movie based on It will find it tough to convey the characters and the relationship between the characters in a way that will even come close to the way that King achieved it in the book. I have read the book, from cover to cover, numerous times, and you feel that you really get to know the members of The Losers Club and you understand where they are coming from. While even the original film version It didn’t come close to doing that in the same way as the novel does, those characters were still the same people that I had pictured in my mind when I read the novel.

So, will the new It movie satisfy Stephen King fans, or will it be little more than a fairly good effort, like the remake of Carrie was, which, incidentally, won an award for the “Sequel or Remake That Shouldn't Have Been Made”?  Let’s not judge the It remake, before it has even been made, but it’s going to have to be something really special if it’s not going to go down in history as yet another “Sequel or Remake That Shouldn't Have Been Made”.