Pennywise the Clown Halloween Costume

Pennywise the Clown Halloween Costume, Stephen Kings It Clown Costume, Stephen King Store

Pennywise the Clown Halloween Costume

Halloween is nearly here again folks, so we have searched out the best the best Pennywise Halloween costume for you to wear this year. This Pennywise the clown costume is the real deal.  It’s the officially licensed Pennywise evil clown costume from Rubie's, who are the best manufacturers Halloween costumes around.

The Pennywise Halloween costume includes the yellow Pennywise jumpsuit with those creepy red pom-poms, a vest and collar, gloves and a Pennywise mask. All you need to add is the Pennywise hair and a touch of Pennywise makeup and, of course, a bunch of balloons!

Stephen King’s Pennywise is, without a doubt, the scarcest clown in movie history and a thing that nightmares are made of, so scare the living daylight’s out of your neighbors this year with this great Pennywise clown costume.

If you want to get the full effect of this superb Pennywise the Clown Halloween costume, you will need some clown shoes, Pennywise makeup, and Pennywise hair too, so we’ve included those as well for you below. 

Wear this It clown costume any Halloween party and you are guaranteed to get noticed. It’s a lot better than wrapping yourself in toilet paper and calling it a mummy Halloween costume!

Don’t forget, Halloween is on Octobers 31, so don’t get caught out without a Halloween costume.  Order your Pennywise costume now, before they sell out. Check out the best Pennywise Halloween costume below and Pennywsie Halloweens accessories and be the scariest Halloween clown in town this year!

Pennywise Halloween Costume, Stephen King It Clown Costume, Stephen King Store

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Just in case you’ve already done a Pennywise Halloween costume before, there are plenty of other classic horror movie Halloween costumes you could try.  After all, Steen King’s Pennywise isn’t the only scary Halloween costume around. So, check out these other cool costumes a based on some of the best-known horror moves characters.

If you are looking for Halloween costume ideas, how about a Freddy Kruger Halloween costume, a Carrie prom dress Halloween outfit, or a Saw Billy Halloween costume? Naturally, we think the Pennywise the Clown Halloween costume is the best Halloween outfit, but here’s a few other Halloween costume ideas for you:

Happy Halloween!