Stephen Kings Doctor Sleep

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“The good thing about being old, is you don’t have to worry about dying young.” 

Stephen Kings Doctor Sleep is an epic tale of good versus evil. Nothing new   for a Stephen King book there then, but what has been grabbing the attention of King fans, even more than usual, is that Doctor Sleep is a return   to the world of Danny Torrance; a sequel to The Shining.

King said that he wanted to know what happened to Danny, the kid on the tricycle, after his terrifying ordeal at the Overlook Hotel and Doctor Sleep provides the answer by picking up with Danny’s story, now that he is middle  aged and working in a hospice in New Hampshire.

Now known as Dan and still haunted by the inhabitants of the Overlook Hotel, the now middle aged man has been drifting for decades through the legacy of his father’s alcoholism and violence until he eventually settles in New Hampshire. Dan cleans himself up with, with help from an Alcoholics Anonymous community and gets a job at a local hospice where, what’s left of his ‘shining’ powers help him to give comfort to the dying.

Meanwhile, Abra, a girl with even greater psychic powers than Dan, begins to make a psychic bond with Dan and they begin to communicate. One night, Abra psychically witnesses the torture and murder of a young boy, by an unpleasant bunch of near immortals known as the True Knot who wander the nation’s highways looking for sustenance which they gain from the ‘steam’ produced from tortured, dying children who have the ‘shining’.

Soon, the True Knot begins to die from a disease and the only way that they can see to survive is by kidnapping Abra and using her ‘Steam’. Then, as you would expect from a Stephen King Novel, Horror, mayhem and a monumental  battle between good and evil ensue, but we're not giving all that away here!

Doctor Sleep finds King returning to his element of the tale of a band of essentially good guys working together to defeat evil and demonstrates, yet again, what a master story teller the man is. It’s a brand new novel with some brand new characters, but it still retains the nostalgic element as we also catch up with some of the original characters from the Shining.

Stephen Kings Doctor Sleep is more than just a sequel, though, it’s a gripping read in its own right from the first page to the two last and you won’t be missing out if you haven’t already read the Shining, though we suspect that you will want to read The Shining after reading Doctor Sleep.