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Welcome to the new look Stephen King T Shirt store where you will find a selected range of the best Stephen King T shirts based on some of the most famous King books and movies. 

We have just finished updating this page to include all the latest 2017 Stephen King T shirts, so we have a selection of Stephen King It 2017 movie T Shirts as well as plenty of classic Dark Tower, Shawshank Redemption and The Shining T Shirts too.

Have a browse around and if you can’t find the Stephen King T Shirt you were looking for, don’t forget you can always use the search boxes that you will find located at the bottom of each section.

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Pennywise 2017 - Losers Club 2017 - Creepshow


Stephen King It 2017 Pennywise T-Shirt

Stephen King It Movie, We All Float Down Here, Red Balloon, T Shirt, Stephen King T Shirts, Stephen King Store
The amazing new 2017 film adaptation of Stephen King’s It brought is a new Pennywise as played by Bill SkarsgĂ„rd, so here are all the latest and best Stephen King It, Pennywise and We All Float Down Here T-shirts for you.

Our featured Stephen King It T shirt is this straight forward and smart looking We All Float Down Here T shirt. This one is high quality ring-spun combed cotton T Shirt with a crew neck. The printing has a distressed look and it has a creepy Pennywise balloon too.

This It red balloon T shirt would make a great gift for any fan of the new Stephen King It movie!

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Stephen King It 2017 Losers Club T-Shirt

Stephen King, It Movie, Beep Beep Richie, Losers Club, T Shirt, Stephen King T Shirts, Stephen King Store
Join the Losers Club from Stephen King’s It with this wonderful Beep Beep Richie Losers Club T Shirt.

Richie Tozier, Bill Denbrough, Ben Hanscom, Stan Uris, Mike Hanlon, Beverly Marsh and Eddie Kaspbrak, are the members of the only club in Derry who had the courage to take on the evil that is Pennywise the clown.

This top quality Stephen King It T shirt is available in a range of four different colours and a full range of sizes. This is the original for this design of the Losers Club T shirt, so don’t caught out with a fake! 

Beep Beep Richie!

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Stephen King Creepshow T-Shirt

Stephen King, Creepshow, T Shirt, Stephen King T Shirts, Stephen King Store
Creepshow is an amazing film anthology that was written by Stephen King and directed by George A Romero and this superb Stephen King Creepshow T Shirt is based on the publicity posters for that movie.

There are more Creepshow T shirts below, but we picked this one out because it has the genuine 50s horror comic book feel to it which is exactly what the film set out to do.

This Creepshow movie T shirt is made of 100% Pre-shrunk Cotton and it comes with a full money back guarantee. It’s a great piece of Stephen King themed clothing to show your appreciation of the master of horror with.


Stephen King Of Horror T-shirt

Stephen King, King of Horrors, T Shirt, Stephen King T Shirts, Stephen King Store All your favourite Stephen King characters on one great Stephen King Shirt.

This top quality Stephen King fan shirt is available in a choice of four colors and all the usual sizes.

With images from some of the top Stephen King Movies, including The Shining, Carrie, Christine and Children of The Corn.

This is great Stephen King T Shirt for all those who love the film adaptations of his work.


The Dark Tower Symbol Logo Black T Shirt 

Stephen King T Shirts, Dark Tower, Stephen King Store
Here’s a Stephen King T Shirt of all you fans of the Dark Tower, and we’ve picked out some more of the best Dark Tower T Shirts for you below too.

This smart looking Dark Tower T shirt with the Ka symbol is made of 100% machine washable cotton and it has graphics that the manufacturer promises won’t fade.

So, the Dark Tower film may not have been all that we hoped for, but we still have the books, so wear your Stephen King Dark Tower T Shirt with pride, and let’s hope the Dark Tower remake is better!


Pet Sematary Cat Poster T-Shirt

Stephen King Store
This is a rather dark and foreboding T shirt based on Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, complete with Ellie's cat, Church, prowling around the cemetery.

The good news is that here is a new Pet Sematary film in the pipeline, but that won’t be around for some time yet, so grab yourself a Pet Sematary T shirt based on the 1983 film for now instead!

Our Featured Pet Sematary movie T shirt is available in black only and in all the usual sizes. We’ve also picked put a few more of the best Pet Sematary shirts for you below.


Christine Horror Movie T-Shirt

Christine Movie, T-Shirt, Stephen King T Shirts, Stephen King Store
If there was ever a classic Stephen King T Shirt, then this is it!

Remember John Carpenter’s Christine movie? Here’s an awesome Stephen King’s Christine, Red Plymouth 58, T-Shirt to celebrate that early Stephen King Film adaptation.

This Christine movie shirt is available in black and it comes in a full range of sizes. For more great T Shirts based on John Carpenters Film version of Stephen Kings Christine, just cast your eyes down a bit!


Property of Shawshank Prison Stephen King Movie T-Shirt

Shawshank Redemption, Shawshank Prison T-Shirt, Stephen King T Shirts, Stephen King Store
This is a great men’s Stephen King’s Shawshank Redemption movie T shirt. Available in loads of different colours!

The Shawshank Redemption is an absolute classic of a movie and the original Shawshank Redemption novel by Stephen King is a riveting read. 

If you loved the film that starred Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman or you are a big fan of Stephen King’s Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, then a Shawshank Redemption T Shirt is a must for you!

You’ll find more great Shawshank Redemption T Shirts below!


Carrie T-Shirt

Stephen King, Carrie, T Shirt, Stephen King Store
Carrie was the first ever Stephen King novel to be published and there have now been two film adaptations of the book. 

Whether you preferred the first or the second film, or you are a fan of the book, this wonderfully simple Carrie silhouette T shirt will immediately invoke thoughts of Carrie’s awful experience at the prom.

Our featured Stephen King’s Carrie movie T shirt is an officially licensed T shirt based on the 1976 Carrie film that starred Sissy Spacek. We have some more selected amazing Carrie T shirts below for you too.


Classic PennyWise T Shirts

Stephen King, It, Pennywise, T Shirt, Stephen King T Shirts, Stephen King Store
While the new 2017 Pennywise might be fresher in people’s minds, let’s not totally forget the classic Pennywise that created by Tim Curry for the 1990 TV miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s It.

Our featured classic Pennywise T Shirt has the classic red haired and red nosed Pennywise the Clown that we remember from the Stephen King It TV Miniseries. Perhaps we should now call this a Pennywise Retro T shirt!

We have selected a few more of the best classic Pennywise the Clown T Shirts for you below. Just in case you want to show your support for the original Pennywise!


The Shining Twins T Shirt

The Shining, Grady Twins, T Shirt, Stephen King T Shirts, Stephen King Store
Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is classed as a horror classic, but the storyline of the film varies quite considerably from the novel and it’s not one of Stephen King’s favourite film adaptations of his work.

However, this The Shining Grady Twins T Shirt conjures up one just one of the memorable images from the movie and there are more Shining movie T shirts below.

The Grady Towns are quite possibly the creepiest kids that have ever been seen in cinema and this superb Stephen King The Shining T shirt captures that creepiness perfectly


VIPwees Kings Creations Cult Movie T shirt

Stephen King Store
This is a great Stephen King T-shirt with caricatures of some of your favourite characters.  Jack Torrance from the Shinning, Carrie, Pennywise from Stephen King’s It, and Annie Wilkes from Misery, all together on one shirt!

The VIPwees Kings creations T Shirt is available in black, grey or white, and it comes in a full range of sizes.

A wonderful, fun Stephen king Shirt for Stephen King fans of all ages!


Stephen King T Shirts - Dark Tower 

Stephen King, Dark Tower, T Shirt, Stephen King T Shirts, Stephen King Store
For those of you who simply can’t get enough of Stephen King’s Dark Tower, here is an awesome Stephen King Dark Tower Gunslinger T-Shirt and a selection of the best Dark Tower T shirts for you.

Stephen king’s Dark Tower Series is work of epic proportions and the Dark Tower story permeates its way through the entire Stephen king universe, so we figured that it deserves two spots, at least, in our collection of best Stephen King T Shirts.

This featured Dark Tower T shirt comes in a range of colours and sizes and it’s made from 100% Preshrunk cotton.


Dufresne and Redding T-shirt

Shawshank Redemption, Dufresne And Redding Fishing Charters, T Shirt, Stephen King T Shirts, Stephen King Store
This wonderful Shawshank Redemption Dufresne and Redding Fishing Charters T Shirt is available in a huge range of colours and all the usual sizes.

Shawshank Redemption is a brilliant adaptation of Stephen King’s novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption and this Shawshank T shirt reminds us of the final scene when Andy Dufresne and Ellis "Red" Redding finally achieve their dream.

This is a high quality T shirt from the original makers of this design. 


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