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Welcome to the Stephen King Poster Shop. A fantastic selection of the very best Stephen King posters and posters from movie adaptations of Stephen King books.

All styles of posters to suit every room. Some have inspirational quotes from Stephen King printed on them, some are original movie posters, and some are amazing original artwork.

Posters are for decorating your home or your office and they make great gifts too, and we have Stephen King Posters that range in price, from little more than a few dollars to the slightly more expensive limited edition and hand-made posters.

A great selection of Stephen King Posters that we think you will love. Please note that some of these posters are limited editions. We try our best to keep the Stephen King poster shop up to date, but if you wait too long before you order, you may miss out.

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Stephen King It 2017 Movie Posters

Pennywise the clown is back and terrorising the kids of Derry once more. Check out this selection of Stephen king’s IT 2017 Movie posters. All the best 2017 Stephen King It movie posters are floating down here at Stephen King Store and there’s more great Pennywise 2017 posters coming soon!


Stephen King Posters


Stephen King's IT Pennywise the Clown - Art Poster Print

Stephen King Poster, Stephen King Store
Minimalist art poster print of Stephen King’s IT Pennywise

All prints signed by the artist

Choice of 13x19 or 20x30

Printed with top quality inks on high quality photo paper

Poster based on 1990 TV adaption of Stephen King’s IT

Price: $20.00

Stephen King Poster, Stephen king It Poster, Pennywise Poster


The Shining Movie Poster

Stephen King Poster, The Shining Poster
Stephen King The Shining poster based on the 1980 Stanley Kubrick movie.

Professional reproduction of original

24 x 36 Print

Shipped direct to you roiled and safe

Great gift for any fan of the Shining movie

Price $9.21

Stephen King Poster, The Shining, Stephen King Store, Stephen King Merchandise


Stephen King’s Children of the Corn Poster

Stephen King Poster, Children of the Corn, Stephen King Merchandise

Children of the Corn Stephen King Poster

Faithfull reproduction of original movie poster 

24 x 36 Print

Perfect for your bedroom wall!

Price: $6.99

Stephen King Movie Poster, Children of the Corn Poster, Stephen King Merch


Stephen King Poster – Talent and Hard Work Quote

Stephen king Poster, Stephen King Quote Poster, Stephen King Store
Wonderfully inspirational Stephen King Quote Poster

Talent is cheaper than table salt!

Great for the office or a kid’s bedroom

Ships Rolled in a Sturdy Tube

Easy to Frame

12 x 24 Print

Price: $9.95

Stephen King Quote, Stephen King Poster, Stephen King Merchandise


Framed Stephen King Dark Tower Poster

Stephen King Poster, Stephen King Print, Dark Tower, Stephen King Gift
Ready to hang, framed, Dark Tower Poster

Ready framed in solid black wood frame

Custom made, Print size 13 x 19

A work of art, not just a Stephen King Poster!

Price $45.81

Stephen King Dark Tower Poster, Stephen King Print, Stephen King Shop


Stephen King Cujo Movie Poster

Stephen King Movie poster, Cujo, Stephen King Poster, Stephen King Gift
Cujo Movie Poster

Reproduction of the original Stephen King movie poster

24 x 36 Print

Ships safely rolled and secure

Based on the 1983 Movie adaption of Stephen King’s Cuju

Price: $17.65

Stephen King Poster, Cujo, Stephen King Merch, Stephen King Stuff


Original Stephen King Misery Poster

Stephen King Poster, Misery, Roginal Misery Movie Poster
Original Misery Movie Poster

27 x 40 print

Grab yourself a piece of entertainment history!

Would go great in an entertainment room

Rare collectable

This is an original, so stocks are limited!

Price: $19.99

Stephen King Poster, Misery Poster, Stephen King Store, Stephen King Gifts


Stephen King The Stand Marvel Comics Poster

Stephen King Poster, The Stand, Marvel Comics,. Stephen King Store
Stephen King The Stand Poster by Lee Bermejo

Rolled by Marvel

24 x 36 Print

Limited stock, so get your order in quick!

Price $9.99

Stephen King Print, The Stand, Marvel Comics, Stephen King Merchandise


Stephen King The Shining Handmade Poster

Stephen King Poster, The Shining, Here's Johnny, Jack Nicholson
Here’s Johnny The Shining Poster

Choice of sizes – 13 x 19, or 20 x 30

Print signed by the artist

Printed on high quality photo paper

Minimalist Art Poster Print

Price $20.00

Stephen King Poster, The Shining Poster, Stephen King Gift, Stephen King Merchandise


Stephen King Dark Tower Crimson King Poster

Stephen King Poster, Dark Tower Merchandise, Dark Tower, Crimson King
Stephen King Dark Tower poster

Beautiful Crimson King Dark Tower poster

Open edition / Print Poster

Image: 25" x 16"

Traditional Offset Print

Price $30.00

Stephen King Print, Dark Tower, Crimson King, Stephen King Store


Shawshank Redemption Movie Poster

Stpehen King Movie Poster, Shawshank Redemption, Morgan Freeman, Stephen King Merchandise
Stephen King Shawshank redemption Movie Poster

Hope can set you free

Great for any room in the home

24 x 36 Poster Print

Fast shipping

Price: $8.93

Stephen King Poster, Shawshank Redemption Poster, Stephen King Store


Stephen King House Poster

Stephen King Poster, Stephen King Merchandise, Stephen Kings House

Framed picture of Stephen Kings own house

Solid wood framed and ready to hang

16 x 12 black white photo poster

Limited stock, so order it today!

Price: $59.99

Stephen King House, Stephen King Poster, Stephen King Store


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