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Getting a bit too cold for Stephen King T Shirts? Then how about one of these great Stephen King Hoodies?  We have selected the best Stephen King Hoodies and put them all in one place so you can select a Stephen King hoodie for yourself, or perhaps as a gift for a friend.

We have Shawshank redemption hoodies, Pennywise the Clown Hoodies, Under the Dome hoodies, Dark Tower hoodies and much, much more.

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Shawshank Redemption Hoodie

Shawshank Redemption Hoodie, Stephen King Hoodie, Stephen King Store
Check out his superb Stephen King Hoodie based on the highly successful Shawshank Redemption Movie.

This Property of Shawshank Prison Hoodie is available in black, maroon or navy and is made of a warm and comfortable 50/50 poly / cotton blend. The sizes available are small, medium, large, X large, XX large, and XXX large.

If you have been looking for a gift for a Shawshank Redemption fan, then this Shawshank Redemption hoodie might be just what you have been looking for. There are more great Shawshank Redemption hoodies below.


Under The Dome Hoodie

Under the Dome Hoodie, Stephen King Hoodie, Stephen King Store
This wonderful Under the Dome Hoodie based on the TV series is an officially licensed item of Under the Dome merchandise. The Under the Dome Hoodie with the man and the dog either side of the dome is made of a cotton / poly blend and it’s available in small, medium, large, X large, and XX large.

This particular Stephen King’s Under the Dome hoodie is only available in grey, but we have more under the dome hoodies for you below, or you can use the search box at the bottom of the section if you can’t see one you like.

Stephen King's Dark Tower Hoodie

Dark Tower Hoodie, Stephen King Hoodie, Stephen King StoreWith the words “The Man in Black fled across the desert and The Gunslinger followed” and a brilliant image based on The Dark Tower, this is a high quality, machine washable Dark Tower hoodie that will any fan of the amazing Stephen King’s Dark Tower series will just love.

The Dark Tower hooded sweatshirt is available in medium, large, X large, and XX large, and is a professional quality hoodie of the same standard that you would find in a top high street store. It's available in black or grey.

If you know a Dark Tower fan, then this Dark Tower hoodie would make the perfect winter gift for them.

Stephen King's It 2017 Pennywise Hoodie

Stephen King It 201, Pennywise, Hoodie, Stephen King Hoodie, Stephen King Store
For all you fans of the new Stephen King It 2017 movie and fans of the Stephen King It novel, here’s a great Stephen king’s Pennywise hoodie based on the new Bill SkarsgĂ„rd Pennywise the Clown.

This top quality Stephen King hoodie is available black, navy, red or royal blue and it comes in a full range of sizes.  This is quite a startling image of pennywise, so it’s bound to get you noticed!

Stephen King’s It the 2017 movie is now the biggest grossing horror film of all time, so get your favourite Stephen King fan a Stephen King It Pennywise hoodie and make their day!

Overlook Hotel Hoodie

Overlook Hotel Hoodie, The Shining Hoodie, Stephen King Hoodie, Stephen King Store
This Stephen King hoodie is a very simple, but very effective The Shining Overlook Hotel Hoodie.

The hoodie is made of pre-shrunk 50/50 blend fleece and it comes in a choice of four colours; black, maroon, military or navy, and it is available on all the usual sizes.

The Stanley Kubrick The Shining movie made The Shining one of Stephen King’s best known stories, even though the plot of the film differs quite significantly from the plot of the novel.

Nevertheless, whether you are a fan of the book or of the film, a Stephen King’s The Shining hoodie is a great way to keep warm and show your appreciation of the King of horror’s work!

Pet Sematary Stephen King Hoodie

Pet Sematary Hoodie, I want to play with you hoodie, Stephen King Hoodie, Stephen King Store
The Pet Sematary Stephen King I Want To Play Adult Pull-Over Hoodie is based on the Stephen King’s Pet Sematary and shows the brought back from the dead Gage Creed looking for some fun!

This Stephen King Hoodie is only available in black, but you have the full range of sizes to choose from.  

The Pet Sematary hooded top is made from 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester mix and this is an officially licensed product.

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