Funko POP Movies Pennywise Figure

Funko POP Pennywise Figure, Funko POP Vinyl Figures, Stephen King Store
It had to be done! We’ve added this Pennywise the clown POP movies figure to our collection of Stephen King gifts and Merchandise.

This vicious looking little sucker is the latest addition to our range of gifts for Stephen King Fans and it’s just one of the many great Funko POP Movies vinyl figures that are available.

The Stephen King book IT was adapted into a TV miniseries in 1990 that starred Tim Curry in the role of Pennywise the Clown.  It’s Tim Curry’s portrayal of the infamous Pennywise that is the inspiration behind this Pennywise pop vinyl figure.

Call it a Pennywise action figure or call it a Stephen King collectable, this Pennywise the clown figure will look great on your desk at work or as an addition to your growing Funko Pop horror movie figures.

Is it scary or is it cute? That’s up to you to decide, but the detail in this Funko Pennywise is hard to ignore. The freaky Stephen King IT vinyl clown has sharp teeth and a clown costume that nightmares are made of. It’s just three and three quarters inches tall, but when has that ever been a reason not to fear Stephen King’s IT Pennywise the clown?

Do you know a Stephen King fan? If you do, then trust us, they will surely love this Pennywise pop vinyl figure. To you, it may just look like a freaky clown, but to a Stephen King fan, it will look like the embodiment of pure evil, albeit in a cute Funko Pop kind of way.

Funko POP IT The Movie: Pennywise

Funko POP Pennywise, Funko Pennywise vinyl figure, Stephen King's It, Stephen King Store

Funko POP Pennywise figure , Funko POP Horror Movie Figure, Stephen King Store

Just to show that we are not totally biased, the Pennywise the clown pop movies figure is not the only Funko Movie figure; there is a huge range of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures to collect, including a Funko POP Freddie Kruger, a Funko POP Saw Billy and a Funko POP Chucky.

Start your Funko Pop collection of today with this scary Pennywise Clown Pop! Vinyl Figure! It could lead you on to a whole new world of Funko POP figures. They make great gifts for Stephen fans and fans of other horror writers too. Here’s a selection of Funko POP horror movie vinyl figures to get you started.

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