Stephen King It Collectable – Pennywise the Clown 2017 Movie Poster Print

Stephen King It 2017 Movie Pennywise Posters

Stephen King It 2017, Movie Poster, Pennywise the Clown, Stephen King Store

Stephen King It 2017, Movie Poster, Pennywise the Clown, Stephen King Store

There are also some rare original 2 sided 27” x 40” Stephen King horror it movie posters and some Stephen King's IT 12.5" x 17" Cinemark Pennywise Original Promo Movie Posters that are currently available, so we have included these here too. 

These original Stephen King’s It Pennywise movie posters are sure to become collectable, so you’d better get one now if you want to add one to your Stephen King collection.

Stephen King Collectable – Classic Pennywise the Clown Art Poster Print

Stephen King Poster, Stephen King's It, Pennywise the Clown, We all float
There are Stephen King posters and then there are Stephen king posters like this one!

When we were selecting the posters and prints for our Stephen King Poster Shop, This superb Stephen King's IT Pennywise the Clown minimalist horror art poster print really stood out and that’s why we are giving it a special mention here.

This is an amazing, minimalist, interpretation of Stephen King’s Pennywise the Clown is based on the 1990 ABC adaptation of the brilliant Stephen King novel IT. While many images of Pennywise the clown that you see on Stephen King merchandise are really just a clown, this Pennywise Poster really has captured the pure malevolence of the shapeshifting creature from Stephen King’s IT.

Let’s face it; you really wouldn’t want to bump into this character on a dark night, would you!

The poster is a print of artwork produced by the poster artist Brian Linss and supplied though Cult Classic Posters.  It’s printed on the highest quality photo paper using only premium quality inks, so you get a real sharpness and clarity to the image.

Although we are all about to get to know a new Pennywise the Clown in the new Stephen King IT movie, for most of us, Pennywise will always be Tim Curry’s portrayal as is shown is this superb Stephen King IT poster.

We do, of course, have a full range of Stephen King Posters available as well, but, as we come across exceptional, or slightly unusual items of Stephen King merchandise, we like to highlight them and bring them to your attention.

This Stephen King It poster is a print of unique artwork and every copy is signed by the artist, which makes it a Stephen King collectable in our minds. And, at only $20, it’s amazing value for money too.

The poster is available in two sizes, 13x19 or 20x30, so you can get one to fit any size room.

If you want to own this brilliant Stephen King’s It poster, you can order from below. It will be with you in about 4-5 days and it will be delivered safely and securely a robust tube and wrapped in a cover sheet.

Enjoy your Pennywise, we all float poster!

Stephen King Print, Stephen King's IT, Pennywise the Clown,We all Float

Stephen King Store

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