Why Do We Dress up in Halloween Costumes?

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Every single year, kids and adults alike take to the streets dressed up in scary Halloween costumes simply to knock on peoples doors and ask for candy or to have a Halloween party. Some costumes are made at home, DIY style, while others are store-bought horror movie Halloween costumes. Everyone has come to accept this tradition as a bit of harmless fun, but where does Halloween originate from, and why do we dress up in Halloween costumes and masks every year?

Stephen King’s Carrie Merchandise and Collectables

Stephen King Carrie Merchandise,Stephen King Carrie Collectibles, Stephen King Store
Welcome to our Carrie collectables and merchandise page. Published in 1974, Carrie was the first ever novel published by Stephen King and the book was subsequently adapted to film in the iconic 1976 Carrie movie starring Sissy Spacek and a very young John Travolta. There has since been the 1988 Broadway musical, the 2002 made-for-TV film, and a 2013 remake of the Carrie movie.

Stephen King’s Carrie dealt with some difficult topics and one of the claims to fame of Carrie is that it is one of the most frequently banned books in US schools, but that hasn’t stopped Carrie becoming one of the best known Stephen King stories. 

On this page devoted to Stephen King’s Carrie we have gathered together our selection of the very best Stephen King Carrie merchandise, collectables and Carrie movie memorabilia. We hope you like it!

Stephen King’s Under the Dome

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Published in 2009, Stephen King’s 48th novel Under the Dome is a Stephen King book that sees the author returning to the science fiction genre, which he has dabbled in a bit in the past, most notably with his 1987 novel The Tommyknockers.

Under the dome is a rewrite of novel that Stephen King had tried to write in 1972, and another unfinished story on a similar theme called The Cannibals. King has said that, originally, The Cannibals was a social comedy, like Needful Things, but Under the Dome is a more serious look at what would happen when people are cut off from normal society. King has hinted in the past that, one day, The Cannibals might even be published as a completed work.

Stephen King’s Christine Collectables and Merchandise

A selection of the very best Stephen King’s Christine collectables and merchandise based on the Stephen King Christine novel and the classic John Carpenter’s Christine movie of 1983.

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower – The Complete Concordance

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, The Complete Concordance, Robin Furth, Stephen King, Stephen King Books, Stephen King Store
Written by Stephen King’s research assistant, Robin Furth, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower – The Complete Concordance is an encyclopaedic reference book that provides readers of The Dark Tower Series with all the background information they could ever need and a wonderfully rich and entertaining source of information that will help the reader understand the finer points of Stephen King’s epic story.

Much of the content that is contained in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower – The Complete Concordance was originally written to help  Stephen King avoid any continuity errors as he wrote the Dark Tower books. It was Stephen King who decided that the work that Robin Furth had compiled was so good and so useful that it should be published as a reference book for his Constant Readers.

Stephen King’s Sleeping Beauties

Stephen King, Owen King, Sleeping Beauties, Stephen King Books, Stephen King Store
The latest book from Stephen King is a story that he co-wrote with his son Owen King; Sleeping Beauties.

Sleeping Beauties, which is due for release on September 26th, 2017, is a wonderful father and son collaboration that began with an idea of Owen King’s for a story about what would happen if all the women in the world fell asleep and the men were left to fend for themselves.

Set in a small Appalachian town where the main employer is the local women’s prison, Sleeping Beauties has been described as a horror-tinged realistic fantasy that explores what would actually happen if nearly all the women in the world fell asleep. 

Stephen King It Collectable – Pennywise the Clown 2017 Movie Poster Print

Stephen King It 2017 Movie Pennywise Posters

Stephen King It 2017, Movie Poster, Pennywise the Clown, Stephen King Store

Stephen King It 2017, Movie Poster, Pennywise the Clown, Stephen King Store

There are also some rare original 2 sided 27” x 40” Stephen King horror it movie posters and some Stephen King's IT 12.5" x 17" Cinemark Pennywise Original Promo Movie Posters that are currently available, so we have included these here too. 

These original Stephen King’s It Pennywise movie posters are sure to become collectable, so you’d better get one now if you want to add one to your Stephen King collection.